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Dont's for writing the SOP

Updated: Jan 19

1. Weak Introduction and conclusion:

Do not start and end the statement of purpose with a boring introduction and conclusion. Always write a compelling statement, inspirational quotes to create curiosity in the reader.

2. Explain too many failures in academics and personal life.

Do not explain too many failures in academics and personal life that diverts the mind of an admission committee to negativity, leads to rejection of profile.

3. Admire excessive self, university, professor.

Do not brag excessively about the self, family, university, professor. Keep your essay specific to the topic.

4. Exceed word limit.

Do not exceed the word limit if mentioned in the university application requirements. However, if it not mentioned, then do not exceed more than two pages.

5. Don't use negative sentences.

Do not use negative sentences if it is not supported by positivity further. The complete essay should be in a positive format.

6. Do not try to become someone else.

Every single day, we come across many people and get inspired to do something in life as he/she is doing. However, it should do while writing the essay or even in real life. Be yourself; be unique. Do not try to copy anyone else and forget about your best qualities.

7. Not thinking about the admission committee.

Consider the admissions committee is shortlisting the best applications out of many. Be straightforward and specific to the subject.

8. Do not get into confession mode.

Do not get so emotional and express everything for your admission to a particular university.

9. Repeating the same as in the application form.

Write the topics which do not include in the application form, that differentiates an applicant from others.

10. Getting too much feedback.

Do not take so much feedback about your SOP/Essay from others. Select mentors and request for the proofread as per their timings and availability.

11. Showcasing extraordinary

Do not try to showcase extraordinary to the admissions committee as they are assessing more than thousands of applicants in a single day. It may lead the application to be rejected by the university.

12. Forgetting to proofread

Do not forget to proofread your SOP once it is complete to avoid spelling, grammatical errors and punctuation.

13. Last night work

Do not start the SOP writing, one day before the deadlines of the university. Take your time and write essays in parts.

14. Trying to make too many points.

Do not try to make too many points to convince the admissions committee. Be concise and specific.

15. Start Early.

The most important thing from all is to START EARLY and follow the step by step procedure to complete the task.

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