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IELTS Session by Ms. Hina Gehani - 12+ Years Experience

Updated: Feb 20


International English Language Testing System is conducted to check the English proficiency of an individual who wants to move to native countries like the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

This test is divided into four modules: -

1. Reading

In this section, you will be given comprehensions and you have to answer the questions based on those comprehensions. It is for 60 minutes.

2. Writing

In this section, there will be two tasks. One is a graph, pie chart, etc., and its description for academic IELTS and letter writing for general training IELTS.

The second task is essay writing for both but it would be more casual for general training and formal for academics. It is again of minutes.

3. Listening

This segment is of 30 minutes in which 4 video recordings of natives would be given. You have to listen to it carefully and answer the questions based on them.

4. Speaking

This task is of 10-15 minutes in which every quarterly one cue card list is released. It contains 80 topics which you have to prepare. During the test, you will be given one topic out of it. in 2 minutes, time, you have to prepare and then speak for 4-5 mins. After that examiner will ask questions based on that topic for 4-5 minutes.

There will be a band score from 0-9 on all 4 segments. On the basis of the achieved band, your visa is approved.

This technique is used to teach IELTS at MSMBASOP. Here the student is empathized upon, the tutor then ideates with the student and then develops a prototype for the student to execute.

All this may seem fancy, but to make it simple, we at msmbasop try to understand the student, then come up with a solution to solve the areas of difficulty, and then conclude with a method that is customized for the student’s ability to crack the IELTS.

Why empathy is important from the tutor?

Only if the tutor understands the problem the student is facing, from all perspectives, do we come up and can come out with clarity as to what problem the student is facing in solving the IELTS exam.

When things are clear, one will be able to pinpoint and give a solution.

But we don’t directly give the student the solution to their problem in solving their IELTS exam. We sit and ideate with them. As the number of students is not more than 5, we can focus on every student present in class. When we ideate together, the students themselves come up with the solutions to their issues in IELTS and we as trainers/tutors give or fine-tune their solutions to the needs or requirements of the IELTS exam with our knowledge, expertise, and experience.

Once the ideation stage is complete, we then test the method we have derived by testing them in mock tests. If it works, then we have found the solution to the problem the student was facing in cracking the IELTS and the student beforehand comes to know how much he or she is going to score in the actual exam while practicing in the mock tests with the ideated and tested solutions.

We hope to bring out the best in each student who comes to msmbasop and especially in all areas where the student needs support in regards to IELTS.

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