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Updated: Apr 24

Letter of Recommendation is authentication by the professor, Head of the Department (HOD), or company manager for the student applying for higher studies abroad. LOR is an important document in the application process to be submitted.

What are the different types of letters of Recommendation?

For Students: If you are in the final year of studies:

1 LOR from HOD, 1 LOR from Associate Professor, and 1 LOR from the Project Guide.

For Working Professionals:

1 LOR from HOD, 1 LOR from Project Guide, and 1 LOR from the previous company Supervisor.

Note: Try to avoid LOR requests from the current company supervisor.

11 Pointers for the best Letter of Recommendations (LOR):

1. Identify your recommender: Once the university shortlist is done as per the course. Start identifying your recommender and discuss applying to universities for higher education.

2. Connect Early – Connect immediately with the recommender and give ample time for brainstorming.

3. Inform the recommender of the online and offline process of submitting the LORs.

4. The first paragraph should be highly enthusiastic.

It is with pride and gratification that I am recommending XXXXXXXXXXXX for admittance to the Master’s program at your esteemed university.

5. The recommender should showcase the designation/authority/capacity with the recommendee.

As the professor and Head of the Biotechnology department, I have known her for four years while she was my student at XXXXXXXX College of Engineering, Bangalore.

6. Create a connection with the student to make it impactful.

I have come to know her quite well, having interacted with her in consecutive semesters and it is with happiness that I note that she has chosen to continue her studies.

7. Explain the subjects taught, the student strengths/weaknesses/projects/performance in the class/extracurricular activities.

8. In addition to the above the teamwork/leadership abilities/positive attitude/interpersonal skills and position in the class should also mention.

9. Inspire/Motivate the admissions committee for selecting the student by giving positive affirmations.

10. The signature should mention the Full Name, Designation, Department, College Name & Address with Contact details and website.

11. The online LORs are almost the same as recommender contact, email, and address (always mention the official address, no home address).

Letter of Recommendation Sample
LOR Sample - Academics

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