MBA in USA with 50+ backlogs and 6 years gap.

Updated: Jan 19

Going beyond the extra mile...!! Is it worth it… YES, it is!!

During one of the International Education Fair - 2018, Bangalore in the mid of March/April 2018. I met with a guy and started discussing universities, part-time jobs, scholarships, TA/RA, H1B visa, CPT/OPT, internships, job opportunities, etc. about the USA. We were involved in the discussion. Then he started enquiring about his friends. I shared my number and told him to connect me. I want to share his profile:

B Tech - 2001 (Joined) - 2011 (completed) - 53% aggregate. - He completed in 10 years due to the 2008 VTU syllabus change. He got extra time.

Backlogs - Stopped counting after 60 - 70 numbers. (Universities count reattempt also as a backlog)

Visa rejected - For Masters in the UK.

Experience - 5/6 years

IELTS - 6.5

US Consulate Chennai – Visa approved in the second attempt.

Joined MBA in session 2018/19 - the USA with USD 1,500 scholarships per semester - usnews Rankings - Best Colleges Regional Universities #114.

After reaching the USA, he called and updated me about everything. For him it was Dream Come True – Thanked me many times for all the efforts our team has added to change his life forever. He contacted many universities and consultants across the country. Everyone rejected him due to his profile. Our team accepted the challenge and helped him in achieving his dream.

26th October 2019 - He WhatsApp me -

“Hello Sir. Nice to hear from you... Sir, I completed my MBA in 14 months and now looking for a job. Moved to Texas from Ohio last week.

Hope all is good, your side Sir. 😊”

After reading this - I was emotional and happy at the same time. Mentorship/Leadership is all about Empowering people and help others to achieve their dreams/goals.

“Your problem is not a problem. It is your attitude about the problem.”

- Ann Brashares

Great Learning for the TEAM - Push Yourself to the Edge of Your Limits, That is How They Expand. TRY, TRY, TRY - UNTIL SUCCEED.

For study abroad, universities consider the holistic profile of an individual = GPA+Test Prep+Personals.

Our team connected with our old students during lockdown across the globe in different universities to understand their well-being.

I called him curiously to know how he is living now. He was busy, dropped me a message to call back after some time. After a gap of 10 minutes, he called back. I was thrilled to listen to him after one year. He was explaining his roles and responsibilities as a Business Analyst with Investment Banking Firm, Virginia. He continued with the situation as to how the lockdown is affecting the businesses and city near his areas. I was completely silent for those moments, no words – no questions. He was confident and motivated.

After the call even I was inspired and full of energy. In our entire lifetime, even if we change the life of a few people on this earth, it is great worth to society.

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