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Updated: Jan 19

For every aspirant who is interested to pursue his/her education overseas the first question strike all minds are which exams to clear to get a straight pathway to their dream college and dream places. There comes view of EXAMS: TOEFL, PTE, and IELTS

TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language, while IELTS is abbreviation of International English Language Testing System and the PTE is Pearson Test of English.

All these tests measure the ability as a non-native speaker to speak, write, read and hear English language.

About Them:

The oldest one is TOEFL developed by Educational Testing Service (ETS) not for profit organization whose results are accepted by over 9,000 universities, colleges and agencies in different countries.

The IELTS can be taken for study as well as work where English is used as a primary language of communication. For study overseas IELTS Academic and for immigration IELTS General

PTE Academic is a computer based test to check for English speaking, writing, reading and listening skills to study abroad or for immigration.


1. IELTS is more inclined towards the UK or Australian English whereas TOEFL and PTE are more towards American English.

2. Based on above mentioned difference one has to take decision about the tests they are comfortable with.

3. IELTS is the face - to - face with the examiner who is also the rater, in TOEFL and PTE need to talk into the microphone.

4. IELTS has acceptance in Europe and Australia, TOEFL is what most MS/MBA programs in the US would look for, and PTE so far has the same rate of acceptance from MBA/MS programs internationally.

5. TOEFL test scores are available to view online within 10 days post the test date. PTE scores are available with 5 business days and IELTS releases results within 13 calendar days and test centers are supposed to post the test report form. You can also collect the same in person from the test center depending on your choice.

6. IELTS - 0 - 9 band, TOEFL - 120 and PTE - 10 to 90 points.

Download the SOP Guide

SOP Guide - msmbasop
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