What are the University Shortlisting parameters?

Updated: Jan 19

University shortlisting for undergraduate graduate or Ph.D. programs can be a challenge because of the enormous variety of available programs. Researching the 1000+ or more USA and Abroad universities that offer undergraduate Master's and Ph.D. programs is a daunting task, use the following parameters to finalize the shortlisting.

The key factor to shortlist universities is your course interests, dream company wants to work with, check the university website, or www.aftercollege.com for internships offered to a particular university by the company for joining your dream company. Take the help of websites like www.usnews.com, www.topuniversities.com Select 10 - 20 universities in categories - Dream/Ambitious (50% plus chances of selection), Reach/Moderate (80% plus chances of selection) Safe (90% plus chances of selection. Refer to the university website for detailed information related to the course.

1. Academic profile and suitability of the university.

2. Location - for safety and security purposes.

3. Research in the university.

4. Scholarships/Funding/Grant in the university.

5. Rankings

6. Internship opportunities

7. Alumni Networking

8. Acceptance Rate

9. Student and Faculty Ratio

10. Return on Investment

Refer to the information from LinkedIn, Quora, Reddit, Scribd, Medium, www.studyinaustralia.gov.au, indeed.com, www.educationuk.org, www.tu9.de, www.studyinnewzealand.gov.nz, www.cic.gc.ca, www.mastersportal.eu, aftercollege.com, glassdoor.com, payscale.com, europe-internship.com, international-internships.com, internships.com, internmatch.com, globalexperiences.com, idealist.org, International Student Association, International Banks, Institute of International Education, Council on International Educational Exchange, Test Preparation trainers, freelancers, usnews.com, educations.com, topuniversities.com, timeshighereducation.com, forbes.com, niche.com, webometrics.info, www.msmbasop.com, Centre for World University Rankings.

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